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Everyone wants to receive professional carpet cleaning services. If you are located in Rochester NY, you can contact Contemporary Carpet Cleaning and we’ll provide them for you. We have been in the cleaning business since 1975 and over the years we’ve become one of the most popular carpet cleaning companies. Our customers know that when they use our services, they receive the highest quality possible. This is the reason they continue to work with us.

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carpet-cleaning-before-afterWhen was the last time you brought your carpets to a carpet cleaning service in Rochester NY? For the record, not much time is needed for the dirt and dust to accumulate, especially in high traffic areas such as hallways or entrances. Contemporary Carpet Cleaning provides top-notch cleaning services to residential and commercial clients throughout the region. Since 1975, we have managed to acquire a spotless reputation for delivering expert results and affordable quotes without compromising our high service quality.

Whether you need tile or carpet cleaning throughout your home or just one room, this is a situation that only our carpet cleaners can accommodate. We also offer maintenance packages designed to meet the tile and carpet cleaning needs of each and every client who requires our services. We employ a team of technicians that are fully licensed, certified and understand the cleaning process, so as to make the most stained carpet look like a brand new one.

before-after--carpet-cleaningThe extensive expertise along with the experience of our specialists serves as an advantage when we attempt to make your carpets entirely free of stains and spots. The most common problem that can be easily redeemed by our team of technicians is musty odors. Smoking, food, pet and other odors can be stripped away from your carpets, leaving your property smelling clean as well as fresh. Before we get your project off the ground, our experts will move your furniture. After we finish, we will move it back to it’s original position and will mount protective pads underneath to protect your freshly cleaned carpets. Naturally, you might be willing to move the furniture on your own, which is also an option, but just make sure you leave it undisturbed like we would have done.

If you’re in need of professional tile and grout cleaning, then you have to consider the best carpet cleaning company in the market. We, at Contemporary Carpet Cleaning, would like to introduce ourselves. Ever since our establishment 37 years ago, we have been situated in Rochester NY. Here, we have managed to build a superior reputation for delivering complete customer satisfaction. We have been told by our clients that the only provider who’s capable of bearing high quality results in the region is ours. Our employees use the most modern technology steam equipment to clean your flooring. What our team offers are the latest, most efficient methods for providing an exceptional tile and grout cleaning service. Whenever you need our services, we will follow your demands and requirements. If you look for carpet cleaning in Webster NY, or you need other cleaning services in Greece NY, our team will come to your place and provide you with high quality services.

Installing new flooring can be extremely expensive and why would you do it, for your existing one just has a few stains on it? It shouldn’t be an excuse to fork out a lot of money for something you don’t actually need. With a helping hand from our professionals the soiled area can be thoroughly cleaned, regardless of it’s size or how heavy the stains are. Just as you invested your thought, time, effort and money in fitting the floors within your home, so too you should be wise and invest in their regular maintenance. Our amazingly affordable services can now pay off the investment you made years ago.

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 At Contemporary Carpet Cleaning, we can provide you with immediate cleaning help if there is a need for flood restoration in Rochester NY. Our technicians have the knowledge and equipment to cope with every difficult flood situation. When you call our team to fix the problems around your property, you can be sure you will receive professional help. If one day you need flood restoration, don’t hesitate to contact Contemporary Carpet Cleaning. For us, it’s more than easy to help you restore your home after a flood. Our team is always ready to come to your place and provide you with our flood restoration services!